Describe the effects caused by one or more zdes

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Topic 1: Define Zero-Day Exploit

What is a Zero Day Exploit? Describe the effects caused by one or more ZDEs that recently has been reported in news articles. Describe how ZDEs can be used to affect cybercrime, cyber espionage, and cyber terrorism.


1. Before We Knew it: An Empirical Study of Zero-day Attacks in the Real World [2012 - overview w/definition from a scholarly journal]

2. Internet Explorer 0-day Attacks on US Nuke Workers Hit 9 Other Sites [2013 - specific example relevant to terrorism]

3. Java Zero-Day Used in Targeted Attack Campaign [2012 - another RE: potential terrorism]

4. Nations Buying as Hackers Sell Flaws in Computer Code [2013]

Topic 2: Traditional Crime vs. Cybercrime

Compare the methods and effects of cybercrimes versus traditional crimes that can be directed at the same targets. For example, how does the crime of hacking a bank's computer system compare to physically robbing a bank? How does punishment for cybercrime compare to that of traditional crime? How do you think they should compare (i.e., should cybercrime be punished the same, more severely or less severely than traditional crime)? You are encouraged to include real examples from the past year that you can share with your fellow students.


• Cybercriminals Stole $45 Million in Multi-National Bank Heist: US

• Shylock home banking malware now spreads via Skype, researchers say

• Clickjacking Threatens 2/3 of Top 20 Banking Sites

• Oregon bank sued over wire transfers:

Reference no: EM131391239

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