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Resource: Health Care Reform Project, Part I and II

Prepare a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in which you summarize health care reform material.

Assume you are making a presentation to the board of directors concerning your investigation into the economic issue you submitted for your Health Care Reform Project assignments in Week Two and Three.

Have a minimum of 10 to 15 slides with extensive speaker notes, augmenting and expanding on the information presented in each slide.

Include the following in your presentation:

  • Describe the economic issue selected.
  • Identify methods and tools common to addressing economic challenges in the health care industry.
  • Discuss how the methods and tools identified relate to health care reform.
  • Determine the most effective method(s) and tool(s) that could be used to resolve the economic issue selected.
  • Identify various payment sources and mechanism used in the health care industry.
  • Determine which payment source(s) and mechanism(s) are the most effective to resolve the economic issue selected.
  • List the steps needed to implement your solution.

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Reference no: EM131175716

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