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Regarding an area of research interest, for this task you will develop a one-sentence statement of the problem ("The problem is..."), a related one-sentence purpose statement ("The purpose of this research is to..."), and a related research question to address the purpose of your research in an interview format involving qualitative data.

Identify the qualitative constructs addressed by your research question. Next, develop 10 qualitative interview questions to address your research question. These 10 qualitative interview questions may be newly created or revisions from the 10 qualitative interview questions submitted in Week 8. Using the concept of "interviewing the investigator" as discussed by Chenail (2009), ask a colleague to interview you using your 10 qualitative interview questions. Once the interview has concluded, answer the following questions to address possible issues of bias:

• Summarize the process used to conduct the interview, including the setting, who was involved, the length of the interview, etc.

• Describe the dynamics of the interview, including the relationship between the interviewer and the respondent, the effects of the interview location, and any preconceived expectations from the interviewer and the respondent.

• Review the success of the interview, including what you believed functioned well or could have been improved regarding the process and dynamics of the interview and what interview questions seemed appropriate and/or inappropriate for accurately addressing your research question.

• Note any areas identified areas of potential bias considering the interviewer, the respondent, and the interview questions.

• Discuss any changes you would implement within the interview process and your interview questions.

Length: 3-5 pages, not including a title or reference pages.

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your responses should reflect scholarly academic writing, current APA standards.

Reference no: EM131212665

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