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Part -1:

1. Describe the discretionary fiscal policies to close a recessionary gap and an expansionary gap

1. (Fiscal Policy) Define fiscal policy. Determine whether each of the following, other factors held constant, would lead to an increase, a decrease, or no change in the level of real GDP demanded:

a. A decrease in government purchases
b. An increase in net taxes
c. A reduction in transfer payments
d. A decrease in the marginal propensity to consume

2. (Changes in Government Purchases)Assume that government purchases decrease by $10 billion. with other factors held constant, including the price level. Calculate the change in the level of real GDP demanded for each of the following values of the MPC. Then, calculate the change if the government. instead of reducing its purchases, increased autonomous net taxes by $10 billion.

a. 0.9
b. 0.8
c. 0.75
d. 0.6

3. shows that increased government purchases, with taxes held constant, can eliminate a recessionary gap. How could a tax cut achieve the same result?

9. (Evolution of Fiscal Policy) What did classical economists assume about the flexibility of prices, wages. and interest rates? What did this assumption imply about the self-correcting tendencies In an economy in recession? What disagreements did Keynes have with classical economists?

Part -2

1. Summarize how federal spending priorities have changed since the 1960s

2. (The Federal Budget Process) Why does the budget require a forecast of the economy? Under what circumstances would actual government spending and tax revenue fail to match the budget as approved?

Reference no: EM13686632

Forecast for 2010 federal budget deficit

Research what is the FORECAST for Federal Budget Deficit for fiscal year 2010. What are the economic implications of Government running a deficit year after year?

What are the components of budget

What are the components of a budget? Are they same for every organization? Why or why not? Should every organization forecast its operating budget? Why or why not?

Prepare a statement of owners equity for april

Prepare a statement of owner's equity for April. The statement of owner's equity for a proprietorship is similar to the retained earnings statement for a corporation.

Evaluate the performance of the two divisions assuming bmi

Refer to the data in Exercise. In Exercise, Back Mountain Industries (BMI) has two divisions: East and West. BMI has a cost of capital of 15%. Selected financial information (

Each district for purposes of performance evaluation

Compute the costs that would be allocated at the end of the month to each district for purposes of performance evaluation. Hint: calculate and apply the budgeted variable cost

Prepare an equivalent units schedule using the method

All material is added at the start of production and all products completed are transferred out. Refer to Nelson Corporation. Prepare an equivalent units schedule using the me

Computing-jouralizing standard cost variances

Actual production and sales were 62,900 coffee mugs, actual direct materials usage was 10,000 lbs. at an actual price of $0.17 per lb., actual direct labor usage was 202,000

What measures company must take to capture any reductions

Calculate the nonvalue-added usage and costs for materials usage and sustaining engineering. In particular, discuss what measures the company must take to capture any realized


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