Describe the different methods of corporate intelligence

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Describe the different methods of corporate intelligence (CI) that competitors commonly use? Discuss the ethical and legal methods of obtaining CI as well as some of the unethical and sometimes illegal methods of obtaining CI.

Reference no: EM13993555

Why is identity management a critical issue

Why is Identity Management (IDM) a critical issue right now for organizations? Find an organization that uses IDM or is in the process of implementing and describe some of the

What impact does the law have on digital divide

What is Moore’s Law? What does it apply to? What is price elasticity and how does Moore’s Law relate to the concept of price elasticity? Why is Moore’s Law important for manag

Differences in responsive and nonresponsive organizations

Describe large bureaucratic organizations with which you have had contact that have not responded flexibly to customer demands. And describe examples of satisfactory responsiv

Charge of the new product development process

Explain the role of product or brand managers. When would it make sense for one of a company’s current brand managers to be in charge of the new product development process? E

First chapter of the book the price of inequality

In the preface and first chapter of the book The Price of Inequality, Professor Stiglitz outlines the nature of the inequality in the U.S. economy and the problems it is causi

Use the five competitive forces model

Use the five competitive forces model as described in this chapter to describe how information technology might be used to provide a winning position for each of these busines

Describe ethical dilemma-current nursing practice

Discuss/ describe an ethical dilemma you have faced either in current nursing practice, during a clinical rotation or in a current work situation. Identify which ethical princ

Between horizontal and vertical

Between horizontal and vertical, choose which type of structure you believe to be the most effective in the majority of businesses. Explain why you made this choice. Provide a


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