Describe the different approaches to business ethics

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Q1. Define the term 'strategy'. Explain the concept of 'strategic window'.

Q2. The essence of business continuity is that businesses need to be planned not only for today, but also for tomorrow, that is, for the future. Write the meaning and importance of business continuity planning. Explain any two strategies for business continuity planning. 

Q3. Write a brief note on 'strategic audit'

Q4. Price or market competitiveness of a product or business on its cost competitiveness. Cost competitiveness implies two things-cost efficiency and cost effectiveness.Explain the concept of cost efficiency of an organization. Analyse the major factors of cost efficiency .

Q5. Write short notes on the following

  • a.Divestment Strategy
  • b.Liquidation strategy

Q6. Describe the different approaches to business ethics.

Reference no: EM131208956

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