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You mentioned 3 issues in your current workplace. Describe the diagnosis, intervention and program management for one of the issues at your work. Remember to only pick one issue.

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To begin, it was hard to choose just one topic to write about because all the issues I had written about in discussion one were all very important. With that being said, after some time thinking about it, I decided that the topic I am going to use for discussion 3 is going to be about the lack of communication. I feel that it is most important because it allows for individuals to learn about each other, respect each other and work better together as a team.

Diagnosis: Since the day I began working at my current job, I've noticed a lack of comunication amongst coworkers and even the supervisors. Things that should be an easy task seemed to make people struggle. The key commponent was that people would't communicate that they needed help. One thing that truly bothered me was that the supervisors wouldn't check up on their staff, they would just expect the work to be done.

Action: So I came up with a plan. I documented the amount of work being done compared to the amount of interaction being done by the supervisors and their employees. After one month I went to the head of department and gave him a suggestion. My suggestion was simplly, we could continue to work like this and have a small rate of production or we can get everyone involved, including the supervisors, and I guarntee you'll see a rise in production. People are scared to ask questions or to admit they need help.

Program management: The head of the department took my advise and had a meeting with the supervisors. Then he had a meeting with the entire department explaining how we are a family and we need to work together. I got a small promotion and was told to be incharge of productivity. It's been two months sicne that meeting and productivity has gone up a lot since the day I started. I certianly see room for more improvement but it's still a good start. People are begining to respect each other more and it is turning into a more comfortable work environment.

Reference no: EM13854144

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