Describe the development of race and racial thinking from
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Critical Paper Instructions

In no less than 3 and no more than 4 pages, single-spaced, you are to address the following:

Describe the development of race and racial thinking from the European expansion into the "orient", to European intrusion into Africa, and eventually Spanish and British colonization of the Americas. How did race emerge as a social construct and in what ways was it utilized with different groups, i.e. with Africans (Blacks), Europeans (Whites), Asians, and American Indians (provide specific examples and evidence of the experiences of at least two major groups). Make sure to address the connection between Said's (1978) notion of Orientalism and racial thinking.

Consider the impact Greek and Roman mythology had in shaping the medieval dream and renaissance fantasy? What were the connections between racial thinking, cultural imperialism, and European imperialist projects? And lastly, how did these ideologies, social constructs, and racial structures drive the creation of exploitative labor systems like the encomienda and the Atlantic Slave Trade Enterprise. You are to detail the notion of whiteness and colorblind racism in relation to the institutionalization of a white supremacists ideology throughout the periods covered in this class.

How are white supremacy (ideology), race (social construct), and racism (system) connected and self sustaining? Make sure that you use specific examples of how Whiteness was created, and how it has been maintained over time. You should draw from contemporary examples to show the maintenance of whiteness in the United States. How does it appear today and how does it impact People of Color, today?

Please ensure that you define all important terms within the text.

Your report should be written in an essay format. Use 12-point, Times New Roman font and single-space your paper with one-inch margins (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, SO PLEASE MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS

Make sure to cite all of the readings in APA format. You should have at least 10 direct citations from at least 7 readings that were assigned for this class. Your Critical report should include a reference page, not counted in the 3-4 pages for this assignment.

You should also include a title page with your name and date, as well as a reference page with correct APA formatting. The title page should be the last page on the document.

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