Describe the data obtained through the observations
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School leaders have found many benefits from the implementation of action research methodology to initiate the change process (Buczynski & Hansen, 2014; Mills, 2014). It has been stated that action research "has been and continues to be a process of practical and grounded inquiry that reflects in its origins the empowerment of teacher to identify and solve their own problems" (Stringer, 2007, p. 32). Further, Buczynski and Hansen (2014 p. 365) explain that action research provides a clear path to understanding change because it is a "powerful tool" that guides our decisions and practices. As you have now finished implementing your intervention/innovation directly, this discussion provides the opportunity to prepare your data analysis as is expected for the final project, and to share it in the discussion forum for the purpose of providing and receiving feedback from your peers. This collaboration and preparation will further inform your analysis and revisions in preparation for the final project in Week Six.

Initial Post: Post your data analysis as an attachment following the format outlined below:

  • Data Collection Strategies: In one-to-two pages, describe the data obtained through the observations. Charts, diagrams, or other visual depictions of your data may be included.
  • Outcome Analysis: In one-to-two pages, present your conclusions of your data analysis. Explain the specific strategies that were successful, which strategies did not work as well as was anticipated? Additionally, explain how the strategies support the research questions.

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