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Part II Q1-3

QII.1 For a public-key encryption system, list reasons,
1. in favor of and
2. against
for using the same key pair for encryption and the digital signature

1. Describe "inference controls."
2. Give reasons why they are needed.
3. And give specific examples (at least 3), and describe how the inference controls are implemented; how they serve the purpose (effective) in a database.

1. Describe the "crypto dilemma."
2. Suggest 3 ways to address the "crypto dilemma."
3. State the pros and cons of each way.

Part 3: Essay Question. Maximum length: 900 words, double spaced 12 point font.
Please no copying and pasting and plagiarism.

An enterprising group of entrepreneurs is starting a new data storage and retrieval business, AcmeStore, Inc. For a fee, the new company will accept digitalized data (text and images, multimedia), and store it on hard drives until needed by the customer. Customer data will be transmitted to and from AcmeStore over the Internet. AcmeStore guarantees that the data's confidentiality and integrity will be maintained.

AcmeStore also envisions some information assurance requirements for their internal operations. Company employees will need to exchange confidential email, and will need a mechanism for verifying the integrity and originator of some email messages. Also, AcmeStore intends a daily backup of all customer data to a remote facility via a leased line. They wish to do so as economically as possible, while ensuring the data's confidentiality and integrity.

AcmeStore is interviewing candidates for the position of Chief Information Officer (CIO). They are asking candidates to describe briefly how they would satisfy AcmeStore's requirements as stated above. How would a successful candidate respond?

Reference no: EM13336494

Describe the equipment present in a forensic toolkit

Discuss the presearch activities that need to be addressed during a computer investigation. Briefly summarize each step. Describe the equipment present in a forensic toolkit.

Strong ciphers produced by the enigma machine

Concur with, dispute, or qualify following statement: "The strong ciphers produced by Enigma machine are  result of complex mathematical trapdoor functions used to encrypt

Classify this vulnerability using the risos model

The time-to-expire field is set at 0.5 because the administrator believes that this field unit is minutes (and wishes to set the time to 30 seconds) However, bind expects th

Processes on a system share no resources

Assume that processes on a system share no resources. Is it possible for one process to block another processes' access to a resource? Why or why not? From your answer, argu

Discusses methods for systems and application security

Write a 1-2 -paragraph summary that discusses methods for systems and application security. Use the completed Pluralsight lesson as your source including key points taken fr

Security through obscurity in a computer situation

Give an example of security through obscurity in a computer situation. Give an example of security through obscurity in a situation not involving computers. Is security thro

Do you have any security concerns for using virtual networks

Virtualization has become a key player in our networking world these days. Another important term is the virtual private network (VPN). Are the two terms (virtualization and

What encryption mechanism is used in the cquroam

What wireless security type does CQUniversity implement to enable roaming? Explain how this wireless security type work and what encryption mechanism is used in the CQURoam? 


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