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Subject: Concert report outline Instructions

1) Describe the concert in general terms. Write your opening paragraphs as an introduction to the concert itself and the group, including general history of the group and, if applicable, it's prominent main members, conductor or band leader, or any soloists. Write a few sentences about the concert itself, talking about basic introductory information such as the theme or inspiration behind the pieces on the concert or why it's taking place. These paragraphs will give your reader background information about what kind of concert you're writing about, and thus what to expect from the report in that context.

2) Discuss the general characteristics of the performance. Depending on your assignment, this will mean either writing a review of the quality of the performance, making general observations about it, or both. If reviewing, talk about which aspects you were impressed by and which aspects you thought needed improvement in specific but respectful terms. Assess areas such as technique, general musicality, preparation and stage presence. To make general observations about the music, write about which aspects of the music and the performance seemed noteworthy or unusual to you.

3) Talk about the concert piece by piece. Go through the concert order, and discuss each piece, presenting basic background information, then discussing the performance. Alternately, discuss the pieces in a different order, according to how you want to organize your report and the main points you want to make about the concert. For example, if you attended a performance of classical chamber music, you might discuss the string ensembles first, then discuss the wind groups.

4) Close the report with your personal impressions of the concert, if appropriate to your assignment. Discuss anything you observed, especially if the genre of music was unfamiliar to you and you learned something new. Write about your overall impressions of the concert after reflecting on it.

5) Enclose the program with your concert report, if possible. This will give whoever is reading it extra context for your report.

Reference no: EM131025343

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