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You are the computer forensics investigator for a law firm. The firm acquired a new client, a young woman who was fired from her job for inappropriate files discovered on her computer. She swears she never accessed the files.

What questions should you ask and how should you proceed? Write a one- to two-page report describing the computer the client used, who else had access to it, and any other relevant facts that should be investigated.

Reference no: EM131265939

Why might your coworker suggest encrypting an archive file

Why might your coworker suggest encrypting an archive file before e-mailing it? What kind of network traffic can you filter with the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security?

What multimedia elements to use

Some multimedia can be difficult to view on a mobile device due to screen size or bandwidth limitations. Find out two articles that discuss considerations and new developmen

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Write down a function definition called addarray that takes two parameters- one an array as an int and the other an int that contains the number of elements of the array. Th

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Write down a program in the visual basic which determines the area of a triangle. If three sides a, b and c entered do not make a triangle transmit the message out to the sc

How various faults does windows xp have

Research shows that there are about 5 faults per 1000 lines of code in carefully made programs, that means that 1 million lines of codes will have 5000 faults. Windows XP ha

What is the average access time of the resulting system

Determine the memory interleaving factor required to obtain an avarage access time that 60 ns given that the main memory has an access time of 100 ns and the cach has an acc

Create set of use case for an university registration system

Create a set of use cases for an online university registration system. The system should enable the staff of each academic department to examine the courses offered by thei

Would you agree with the materialism philosophy

The mind-body dualism, in philosophy, maintains that the mind and brain are two distinct categories and one cannot be explained in terms of the other: Mental phenomena are no


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