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Solve the equation aux + buy + u = 0 with Cauchy data u(s) = e-s along the straight lines (x(s),y(s)) = (cs,ds). The solution breaks down for a particular combination of a,b,c and d. Describe the combination geometrically and explain it in terms of characteristic curves.

Reference no: EM131178694

Determine the speed of the jaguar

It was once recorded that a Jaguar left skid marks that were 290 m in length. Assuming that the Jaguar skidded to a stop with a constant acceleration of -3.90 m/s2, determin

Minimum equilibrium radius r of the bubble

Assuming that the dielectric strength of air, i.e. the field strength at which breakdown occurs, is E_0, investigate whether the contraction may be prevented by placing a la

Rare species of spiders

In South America, a rare species of spiders is discovered and is transplanted into a safe area. Once they are transported the population of the spider after t months is P(t)

Earthquake on the richter scale

Today you hear on the radio that there was a second earthquake that was 27 times more intense than the first. What was the magnitude of the second earthquake on the Richter

Least cost deployment of manned and unmanned assets

You need to find the least cost deployment of manned and unmanned assets to do the job. Define the initial equations for the linear programming problem (you don't need to sol

Homework and focus on one or two problems

What ideas helped you better understand the problem or what questions do you have? Be specific. (This is just for regular discussion post, can anyone can complete this qu

Slope and downward deflection of the free end b

A cantilever beam of length l carrying a distributed load varies uniformly from zero at the free end to w per unit run at the fixed end. Find the slope and downward deflecti

Given treasury bill was sold

The given treasury bill was sold in April of this year. Find (i) the price of the T-Bill, and (ii) the actual interest rate paid by the treasury. Round dollars to the neares


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