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Use Times New Roman (Font 12) and two paragraphs for each of the 5 questions (two pages of content). Additionally, I want you to state each topic question followed by your response.

Based on the assigned readings, your responses are to be in your own words with no copying except for minimal quotes that must be properly cited. What I am looking for here are your own thoughts and opinions that demonstrate your understanding of the topics and the course materials. Since, you will be using the assigned course materials to address the topic questions, you are not required to include a bibliography list.  I want you to share your own thoughts in your own words in completing this assignment.

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1) Describe the challenges faced by US Customs and Border Protection agents attempting to secure the border. Be sure to include:

What is the functional equivalent of the border?

What is the Fourth amendment exception as it pertains to border searches?

How are seizure statistics used to justify the mission of border security?

2) Explain "open markets and closed borders" as it pertains to smuggling, free trade, and border enforcement.

3) What are the challenges of facilitating legal border crossings while maintaining secure borders?

4) What has been the economic impact of terrorism on U.S. and Global Markets since 9/11?

5) Describe the impact of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) agreements on cross border trade in North America.


Glynco, Georgia 

CBP. The Border, Functional Equivalent of the Border, Extended Border. UNITED STATES CUSTOMS ACADEMY. Glynco, Georgia 
CRS Report for Congress. Protecting the U.S. Perimeter: Border Searches Under the Fourth Amendment. Congressional Research Service, June 29, 2009


CBP. Secure Borders, Safe Travel, Legal Trade. U.S. Customs and Border Protection Fiscal Year 2009-2014 Strategic Plan. U.S. Customs and Border Protection, July 2009.

The 9/11 Commission Report. Final Report of the National Commission Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, Executive Summary.
DHS. DHS and DOD Announce Continued Partnership in Strengthening Southwest Border Security. For Immediate Release Office of the Press Secretary, December 20, 2011.

GAO-12-809. INFORMATION SHARING: DHS Has Demonstrated Leadership and Progress, but Additional Actions Could Help Sustain and Strengthen Efforts, September 2012.    

ALANBEAN:Tom Berry: "Ten Years of Waste, Immigrant Crackdowns and New Drug Wars". Friends Of Justice, June 30, 2012.

Thurston, Marty. Post-911 Security Policies On The Northern Border: Who Is At Fault?, July 29, 2009.
Borders and International Terrorism (pay and free riding) found in the "Resources".

STRATEGY TO COMBAT TRANSNATIONAL ORGANIZED CRIME: Addressing     Converging Threats to National Security. The White House,Washington, D.C., July 19, 2011.

UNODC. Transnational organized crime: the globalized illegal economy. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. 
Additional Resources

Treverton, et. al. Film Piracy, Organized Crime, and Terrorism. RAND, 2009.
UNODC. THE GLOBALIZATION OF CRIME A TRANSNATIONAL ORGANIZED CRIMETHREAT ASSESSMENT. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, June 2012. (accessed October 15, 2012).

18 U.S.C. Section 1545. Smuggling Goods into the United States. UNITED STATES CUSTOMS ACADEMY
Glynco, Georgia.

Reference no: EM13882743

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