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Q1: A first order system was assessed using a step response method and was found to have a time constant of 1.5s.

a) Describe the basis for a step response

b) Sketch a typical graph of step response for a first order system and fully annotate.

c) Determine the open loop transfer function for this system.

Q2: A first order system was assessed using a frequency response test and was found to have a time constant of 2s and a gain of 10dB.

a) Describe the method undertaken to obtain a frequency response.

b) Sketch the theoretical and your estimate for the actual bode plot for this system (you may wish to use Log graph paper for this).

c) Determine the open loop transfer function for this system.

Q3 The open loop transfer function for a system is as follows:

a) Sketch the closed loop for this system where the feedback gain is 2

b) Determine the closed loop transfer function.

c) Describe the changes which ‘closing the loop' has produced.

Reference no: EM13868113

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