Describe the authors research in detail

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Describe the author's research in detail - there are two studies. Describe each study and the results of each study carefully. Please conclude your essay by mentioning one or two shows that you feel would adequately represent your culture.

Explain what is missing from current shows. Please add in two quotes from the author. You do need to reference the chapter and text and particular page numbers you may refer to for direct quotes. You do not need to reference other sources unless you wish to do so. If so,

• Essay opens with an attention-grabbing introduction, closes with thought provoking conclusion

• Essay contains a thesis statement: strong, insightful assertion that addresses topic clearly and moves beyond the predictable; takes a risk and explores issues in depth

• Essay contains at least three significant main ideas that support thesis with topic sentences

• Uses specific illustrations and examples to support main ideas 

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Reference no: EM13670213

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