Describe the application of psychoanalytic theories

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Question: Using APA Style formatting, write a formal essay of 4-5 pages with a title page, abstract, and reference list. More help with APA style is available under Course Resources.

For the midterm students will apply the theories from weeks 1 and 2 to their own experiences and personal characteristics. Find parts of the theories that make sense to you in the context of your own life, and create an essay profile demonstrating your understanding and application of psychoanalytic theories. Integrating theories with your experience can bring alive these concepts and perspectives. Use the terminology and concepts appropriate to each theorist. Give examples from your journal and the "Personal Experience" exercises in your text, or assessments from the "Personality Playground". A combination of these approaches will give you multiple perspectives to share. Demonstrate your comprehension of these theories, arising our of the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Here are some basic guidelines for an effective essay:

1. Do not rely solely on the text. At a minimum, cite two additional (credible) references in addition to our textbook. Use personality assessment or tests where useful to make a point about your personality. cite the instrument you used. (Check the reference index at the back of your text).

2. Full assignment is 7-10 pages, which includes a title page, and abstract and a reference page. This allows for 4-7 pages of actual original content.

3. Paraphrase rather than quote, and when quoting, no more than a few lines (2-3) embedded in the text. Give a page number for directquotes.

4. Visual aids (any graphics: tables, pictures, graphs) must be in an appendix after the reference page. This includes results of questionnaires or tests. In the essay, refer to appropriate appendix and figure or table (e.g., see appendix). These are not counted toward the pages of your assignment.

5. One-inch margins (all around)

6. Fonts: Arial, Calibri, Times Roman, Calibri or Arial, size 12 - no bold or italics.Use the same font and size for all elements of the paper.

7. Keep it concise. Excessive use of "big" words and long sentences reduces the quality of your writing.

8. While you may use the personal pronoun, "I", please avoid using dictionary definitions and rhetorical questions.

Reference no: EM132280816

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