Describe the agency''s origin-mission and purpose

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Address all of the following statements and topics in a report of approximately 2500 - 4000 words (6-8 pages). Your essay should be based on the course learning objectives and your interview conducted at the agency selected for the Field Experience. The date of the interview as well as the name of the person you interviewed should be located within your paper. Be sure to address the following items in your essay:

Arrange a time and day to meet agency personnel. During the interview you should determine the following:

Describe the agency's origin, mission, and purpose.

Explain the agency's role in the community.

Relate the origins of the agency to the historical development of social welfare and human services in the U.S.

Identify the major components of the "continuum of care" for the people served by this agency.

Describe the primary sources of funding for the agency.

Who and how many people do they serve in the community (e.g. alcohol and substance abusers, homeless, mental health clients).

Describe the academic and training requirements needed by the human service staff. Identify major professional organizations and/or licensing requirements for the staff as well as the agency.

Identify the major laws that govern the sector that the agency is part of.

Identify major issues and/or concerns within the sector.

Describe how the agency applies the theories and methods utilized in human services

Reference no: EM13252358

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