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Question: Original work must be at least 250 words. Answer all questions

• Name a contemporary music selection, painting, sculpture, movie, or other art experience that you feel is a good piece of work, and name the author of your selection.

• Describe the aesthetic qualities of this artwork as to why it is pleasing to you. (What makes this work special? How does it make you feel?)

• How does this work create empathy in you? (How do I identify with this piece?) Explain.

• Find out, to the best of your ability, why this artist created this work.

• Research, briefly, the context of this author and work. Write at least four sentences about the context and make sure to properly cite your source.

• Do you think your selection will someday be considered a masterpiece? Why or why not?

• Will the author of this artwork be considered a "giant" of the arts? Why or why not?

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