Describe the actions of the intelligent agent

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1. Select a software package to which you have access that incorporates an intelligent agent. Describe the actions of the intelligent agent and how these actions assist in the use of this package.

2. Assume that you are the owner of a small local business of your choosing. Assume further that you are trying to decide if you want to extend your business by adding an e-business component. For each of the decision-making steps-intelligence, design, and choice-describe the information that you will need and the source of that information

Reference no: EM131356834

Describe control concerns under these circumstances

With an EDI system, a customer's order may be entered directly into the Order-toSales system without human intervention. Describe control concerns under these circumstances.

Prepare a table of entities and activities

Prepare an annotated table of entities and activities. Indicate on this table the groupings, bubble numbers, and bubble titles to be used in preparing a level 0 logical DFD.

Draw a systems flowchart

If any exception routines are described in the narrative, they should be shown on a separate page (referenced through an off-page connector), so that the exception routines

Identify the specific resources of this process

Your choice of recommended control plans should come from this chapter plus any other control plans from Chapters 9 through 11 that are germane to your company's process.

Does it matter if the copy is paper or electronic

In terms of effectiveness and efficiency of operations, as well as of meeting the generic Information System control goals of validity, completeness, and accuracy, what are

Do you agree with given thinking or not

"If the results of the cost/benefit analysis do not agree with those of the effectiveness analysis, there is probably no difference among the alternatives." Do you agree wit

Prepare a detailed systems flowchart for the cost accounting

Refer to the overview flowchart in Figure 13.3 and the data flow diagram in Figure 13.8. Study the portions of the figures and the accompanying narrative that deal with the

How inventory control process goals support the production

Discuss how the inventory control process goals support the production planning process. Discuss also the risks to the production process if such controls are not in place.


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