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Please write a 7-12 sentence paragraph reflecting upon your progress with your description paragraph and Please refer to the following questions to get started: 1. Which step of the writing process are you currently working on? 2. Describe your technique up to this point. What has worked well for you? What will you change while working on your next draft? 3. Can we (your classmates and I) offer any assistance? Please submit your Writing Assignment - Description Paragraph through the following link. Remember to submit a .DOC, .DOCX, or .RTF file.


My Math Book

My math book is an 8”x 11” white book. It has 987 pages and dirt marks on every corner. The right top corner of my math book is bent. The right bottom corner of my book is ripped about 4” starting from bottom to the middle of the book. It has a shiny white cover and a design of an apple being dipped in water. The back of the book is really dirty. It’s really scratched and it looks blackish. The pages on the book are bent and ripped; some are folded in half as a reminder. The book was already used when I bought it. On the side of the book it has coffee marks about the size of the index finger, but the pages are fine. Even though my math book looks innocent, I hate it because it looks really dirty, cheap and used.

Example 2

My Dream Wedding

Last night I had a dream of my wedding ceremony. The wedding was on a warm summer night starting at seven o’clock on the beach. The wind was blowing steady as the sounds of the rushing waves could be heard. I slowly and anxiously walked down the aisle; with every step my bare feet would sink into the warm smooth sand. As I looked around my vision was blurred, as my eyes filled with tears of joy. I passed lit torches and beautiful white and yellow orchids to greet my tall, dark, and handsome groom who was waiting at the altar. My bridesmaids were majestically standing in flowing dark beige silk gowns with yellow orchids pinned in their hair. They held candles in glass bowls with brown, yellow and beige silk ribbons, and small flower buds connected to the bowl. My groomsmen were dressed in chocolate linen short sleeve suits, and were barefooted just like the bridesmaids. My dress was closely fitted stopping at the knee in the front, with a four foot lace train in the back. As the minister began to proceed with the ceremony, I abruptly woke up to the boisterous sound of my alarm clock.

Reference no: EM13138221

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