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Question 1 :

The following describes a mineral deposit. For the deposit the candidate is required to select a suitable mining method for the deposit based on the information given and to describe the mining system in detail. The candidate should include in their answer the following:

Describe suitable surface connection(s).

Detail development requirements

Detail Production requirements including a full description of the method selected.

Number of production unit's required/rate of production.

Describe loading/haulage requirements


Briefly describe ventilation/drainage requirements



As well as any other salient points as required by the mining system. For economic analysis use current market prices in A$ for the commodity as required. Accurate costings are not an essential aspect to the project but some notional costings should be undertaken to illustrate the viability of the method detailed.
A deposit of copper/gold has been mined to a depth of 150m below surface by open pit methods, diamond drilling indicates that the deposit extends to a depth of 630m below surface. The angle of dip is 85°; orebody thickness is 25m and strike length 720m. The hanging and footwalls are incompetent rock. The equivalent grade of the deposit in terms of a copper equivalent is 4% Cu, the average gold grade is 5g/tonne. The mine is located close to local road and rail networks with a town located 18 km from the lease site.

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Reference no: EM13758174

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