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Investigate one functional area in CIBC bank HR department. Interview their HR department and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the functional area that you chose and provide any suggestions for improvement

Drawing on the material from the text and slides, the functional  area is selection practices ,chapter 7. I went to the CIBC and I asked them questions regarding ( selection  ,chapter 7) CIBC Canadian bank link ( ) I have the answer all you have to do is apply them on the chapter , the homework should be ( 6 pages ) 

The questions I have asked CIBC HR department

When it comes to interviews, do you have a specific structure that you follow? Or does it vary?

When interviewing, do you use situational based questions? Or do you use more behavioral based questions?

Is it important to have the supervisor in the interview to ensure you select the right person? Or are there specific characteristics you look for?

Reference checking is an important source of information about job candidates; failure to check references can lead to negligent or wrongful-hiring lawsuits. What are all the types of reference checking that CIBC/PCF do?

Describe strategies that you could use to a establish rapport with an extremely nervous candidate?

Interviews can be administered on a one-on-one basis, sequentially, or by using a panel, which method do you use mostly and why?

Reference no: EM131310130

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