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Globalization has had a profound impact on organizations and HRM practice. As you review the readings on global HRM issues, you'll observe two areas of focus. First, you will note how talent can be managed effectively in an organization operating across the globe. Keep in mind that shifting from a domestic to a more balanced global position naturally presents some HR challenges along with the opportunities. Second, scholars have explored the variations in HR practices throughout the globe, attempting to identify those which have demonstrated the ability to create and sustain value given the unique settings of various regions or countries.

As this Project gets underway, consider whether the research on HR practices and their effectiveness in specific countries has implications for the practice of HR in your own home country and for an organization reaching out to global markets. Some scholars will argue the strategic HRM implications for a global organization are not significantly more complex than those facing an exclusively domestic organization. Others will argue the opposite. Either way, consider norms, customs, culture, regulations, and even competition across regions of the globe, then whether you believe global operations present a significant challenge or opportunity to strategic HRM.

For your annotated bibliography, some academic journals you might consider for your research include: International Journal of Human Resource Management, International Business Review, Journal of World Business, Journal of International Business Studies, and the Asia Pacific Journal of

Human Resources.

Create an annotated bibliography of 6-8 references relevant to the particular Spain (Southwestern Europe)

Highlight key strategic HRM challenges and solutions in Spain

Describe strategic HRM opportunities in the region;

Recommend HRM best practices any organization should consider to achieve a competitive advantage when operating in the region your group researched;

Identify future challenges and solutions anticipated in Spain.

Reference no: EM131132074

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