Describe some examples of financial performance metrics

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1. What are some examples of financial performance metrics?
Please answer this question but not with the standard definition.
Give us examples from one of your current or past employers and select a company (back your info up with at least 2 articles that you will list) and use critical thought and analysis to explain how it did this. If you have not been employed, select 2 companies or organizations and 2 articles for each (so you will do this twice since you will not be using your employer (past or present).
2. Chapter one discusses SMART goals. Please give specific examples of each step of a SMART goals from a current or past employer, or your own personal goals. Explain how each step is related to the SMART goal process. Please augment this with at least one article about SMART goals and give your opinions of the pros and cons based on information you have read.

Reference no: EM13100906

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