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Employee morale is an essential component of a high-performing organization. Employees who are not happy with the work environment become, at best, distracted and, at worst, destructive to productivity.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following elements surrounding employee morale and its effects on the workplace:

. Describe situations and organizational variables that impact employee morale.

. Explain, using examples, the impact of individual perception on morale.

. Discuss how employee empowerment and decision-making autonomy impact morale.

. Develop recommendations for initiative that organizations can implement to positively affect employee morale


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Employee confidence is distinct as the job pleasure, outlook and feelings of well-being an employee has within a bureau setting in human possessions. It is one of the curve stones of business as confirmed to have a straight effect on yield. A appraise in search of positive, convinced, satisfied workers includes employee sentiments, attitude, pleasure.

The confidence of the employees unswervingly effects efficiency. Renowned as one of the major factors distressing productivity and taken as a whole financial solidity of any business, low drive may lead to reduced meditation, which in turn can cause mistakes, meager customer service and missed time limits. It also can donate to a high revenue rate and malingering. Employee spirits proves to be disadvantageous to the business in these respects and it also can drive an group ahead or can escort to employee disgruntlement, poor job recital, and malingering. (Ewton,2007)

The affiliation between worker morale and directorial performance is uncomplicated. Beneath is the directory:
On the way to the triumph of organizational purposes when workers are pleased with their jobs, they are provoked to work harder and supply the best of their skills.
They feel treasured, important and momentous members of the organizational series and as such, they are ready to uphold a optimistic action with their contemporaries, clients and anybody they come in contact with.
By laying their best visage frontward, not only they are more gorgeous, but they are also able to entire their tasks more proficiently.

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