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Now that the VP of HR has been briefed on the results of your focus group, she has asked you to work with Leroy to prepare a change management plan that could be used at Red Carpet. Leroy thinks it is important to use a set of steps from an established change model to guide the change process. He has recommended the OD Action Research Model, Appreciative Inquiry, and Kotter’s 8 Step Model as potential alternatives. But, the VP of HR wants to know all of the details, so Leroy has decided to partner with you to give a presentation to the VP of HR and make decision-making a collaborative effort. She is also concerned about the potential resistance to change at Red Carpet, so Leroy thinks it’s important to cover this in the presentation as well.

Review the Red Carpet scenario for this course and prepare a 5-7 slide PowerPoint presentation that describes your change management recommendations, including the following:

1. Describe the set of steps in the OD Action Research Model, Appreciative Inquiry, and Kotter’s Eight Step Model.

2. What are the pros and cons of each model? Which model should Red Carpet use for its change process and why?

3. Considering the organizational culture of Red Carpet, how will the organization overcome resistance to change? What kinds of communications might be needed?

Reference no: EM132280565

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