Describe scene that especially brings out issue of religion

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It is about Fiction religion.

Fiction Review

Questions for Your Fiction Review
Keep the following questions handy as you read and review your work of fiction. Feel free to take notes for each of the five questions. Your review will consist of at least one full paragraph in response to each question. Feel free to write much more!

1. Summarize the overall plot and theme, particular as it relates to religion and faith. Point to evidence that persuades you that this is the theme. Relate the events or theme to at least one religion you have been learning about in this course. Be specific!

2. Write a journal entry (1 paragraph) in which you describe your experience in reading this fiction. What happened to you? How did you change? Or what did you learn?

3. Describe one scene that especially brings out the issue of religion or belief. What is being said: about people? About religion? What else?

4. Capture one conflict or disagreement that you noticed. What was it about? How was it resolved? How did you relate personally to what was going on?

5. Describe a main character and that person's attitude toward religion. Refer to specifics. Give your personal view of this character and reasons for this view.

Reference no: EM131368237

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