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Project requirements are listed below for your review:

A - International Business:

Choose only one of the following topics

1. Discuss the advantages of regional integration for international business

2. Explain the concept of corporate governance and its implications for managers

B - Leadership :

Think of one example of a good leader, select wise and practical leader e.g(political, business, social leader,..) . Give reasons why he/she is a good leader. (I have couple of options: Sheikh Abdulla Bin Zayed, Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak or any other leader..)

Write a brief Biography and historical analysis that explain the origins and significance events of the leader.

Explain the main qualities of this leader that affect success in five aspects of his life, with examples.

Clarify the leadership style of this leader; support your analysis with examples.

Describe effective leadership behaviors of this leader according to the Three-Dimensional Taxonomy (Task-Oriented Behaviors, Relations-Oriented Behaviors, and Change-Oriented Behaviors) through mentioning critical incidents.

C - Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management :

Prepare a project for small Business (any small business idea is OK, but I have an idea about establish a gift rapping and balloons Service Van, instead of Shop it will be in Service Van to move around easily)

1. Develop a business model with a sustainable competitive advantage and develop a strategic plan.

2. Describe the role of operations management in business organizations.

3. Apply different operations management concepts, techniques and tools needed in managing, developing and improving products and services.

4. Describe and evaluate different techniques of pricing, marketing and brand management and assess their impact on sales.

5. Describe and evaluate the human resources needed for a small business or entrepreneurial venture.

6. Apply forecasting, budgeting, and cash flow management techniques to monitor financial performance of small businesses.

7. Develop a business plan applicable for the needs of a small business or entrepreneurial venture.

8. Value the importance of teamwork.

D - Project Management:

Project Questions

Choose a project idea or theme.

Explain the project idea and its objective (project goal or output).

Define and list the different activities of the project (10 activities at least).

Define the dependency between the project activities and choose duration for each activity.

Draw the project network diagram (A-O-N method).

List the critical path(s) in the project and the project duration.

Compute the slack time for the project.


- Concerning question one; you are free to decide the project idea or you may choose the below proposed project ideas.

Proposal :

- Project: Preparing Hall for a wedding ceremony.

- Objective: Make the party hall ready to host on time someone's wedding ceremony.

- What will be delivered and when: A ready party hall for celebrating a wedding. The project duration is 1 week.

- Success Criteria: A party hall ready for the wedding party before the coming of the guests, the bands are in place and ready to play on time, Tables are well dressed and ready with foods, drinks and sweets, candles are ready, and lightening is ready.

- General description of the project activities: The project can be divided into 4 categories. The 4 categories are: preparing the party Hall (some of the activities are: cleaning, decorating the walls, arranging the tables with respect to guests' number), make the bride and groom place ready (decorating their situs), preparing the lightening, Make the band ready to perform (bring the band, check if their dress match the decoration, check their sound system).

4 projects to need to get their Solution in the below Structure (12 page each project without Title page):

Title page

Abstract / Executive Summary

Table of Contents


Report Body

Conclusions & recommendation

References & Appendix

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Reference no: EM13873269

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