Describe project that has suffered from scope creep

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1. Schedule Management

All major projects in today’s market require a project schedule that is actively monitored. Despite this important role, managing a project schedule remains a process shrouded in assumptions, systematic automation, personal judgment, and a lack of consistent standards. What are your must-do steps when creating a project schedule? What scheduling framework has been successful for you? Discuss your views on the forum.

2. Project Scope Creep

Describe a project that has suffered from scope creep? Do you think the scope creep issues could have been avoided? What can organizations do to successfully manage inevitable changes in scope that are good for the business?

3. Quality Control in Projects

There are seven basic tools for quality control (Cause and Effect diagram, Control Charts, Checksheet, Scatter Diagram, Histogram, Pareto Charts, and Flowcharts) used for IT projects. Besides those tools, companies use other methods like statistical sampling and six sigma. Discuss the most effective tools are used by your organization for quality control in IT Projects and why.

Reference no: EM132184568

What is difference if you use three month moving average

A historical demand (observation) of paper sales in cases is: January, 45; February, 40; March, 35; April, 50; and May, 55. Using a two month moving average, what is the forec

Why international logistics management

Each of the following are reasons why international logistics management is more complex than domestic logistics management except: The environment in which international logi

Process is perfectly stable and its mean does not shift

In the chapter it was noted that when the process mean can shift by as much as 1.5 standard deviations, a Cp of 2.0 is needed in order to achieve 3.4 defective parts per milli

Using the slack time remaining priority rule

A work center has five jobs assigned to it. They are labeled, in the order of their arrival in the shop, as jobs A, B, C, D, and E. The work center may work on only one job at

Bond valuation and interest rate risk

The Garraty Company has two bonds issues outstanding. Both bonds pay $100 annual interest plus $1,000.00 at maturity. Bond I. has a maturity of 15 years, and Bond S has a matu

Charge sheet to be issued to the concerned employee

Habitual absence on the part of an employee is a major misconduct under standing orders of the company. As an Industrial Relations Officer, of the company you have to issue

Substantive differences in the organizational structure

Research the organizational structure of a fortune 500 company. Present your findings to the class, and be prepared to discuss the reasons why you believe the firm pursues thi

Did the two businessmen form a partnership

Did the two businessmen form a partnership, or were their business deals all seperate venture? Was there intent to make a consensual business relationship even though Mannes a


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