Describe primary features and benefits of kold machine

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WSJ Article: Keurig's Kelley Bets Big on Soda Maker

Please read the WSJ article posted and respond to the following questions; your file should meet the formatting requirements outlined in the syllabus.

Make sure to be be thorough in your responses; partial/incomplete responses receive no credit.


1. Briefly describe the primary features and their respective benefits of the Kold machine.

2. What consumer trends or other factors in the external marketing environment would seem to support the potential success of the Kold? Which of these factors may contribute to its lack of success?

3. Provide at least three reasons why Keurig would be motivated to develop new products beyond its traditional coffee machine.

4. Describe at least two consumer profiles that you believe would be most likely to adopt the Kold. For each, suggest at least one marketing strategy that Keurig could implement to promote adoption.

Reference no: EM13890797

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