Describe policy issue for your selected role specialization

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Nurses in advanced practice roles need to be familiar with current health policy and strategies to contribute to policy development. Describe a policy issue for your selected role specialization. Synthesize knowledge for values theory, ethics, and legal regulatory statutes, and develop a personal philosophy that will map out a policy strategy that uses a high degree of political competence to address the policy issue as an advanced practice nurse.

Reference no: EM131269816

What statistical test could she use to analyze these data

A director of a childcare center is interested in whether there is a tendency for fathers and mothers to be differentially involved in the care of their child depending on t

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Describe the kinship of eskimos and explain from the perspective of the culture the possible strenghts, and weaknesses of the kinship pattern in making a living, managing the

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A mass of 2 kilogram is projected with a speed of 3m/s.if a plane inclined 20 degrees with the horizontal. After travelling travelling 0.8 meters, the mass comes to rest. De

Anorexia in hospitalized patients

Name a specific disease or condition. State specific medical interventions (medications, tests, or treatment) that may interfere with appetite, or the desire for food. Name th

Criticisms of the functionalist perspective

What concepts did Robert K. Merton introduce to counter criticisms of the functionalist perspective? Briefly define each concept and explain how they strengthen the perspec

Receive bonuses if the organization is underperforming

Should executives receive bonuses if the organization is underperforming? The response may seem apparent, but if you think they should not, would you apply the same standard t

Why the negative argument does not succeed

Give reasons in support of your position, including at least one explicit positive argument in numbered premise/conclusion format*. Explain why it is a good argument. Consid


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