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Information system strategy and management

1.Is ICT a profession? (HINT: begin by identifying the differences between being a professional and a being a member of a profession).

2.Discuss the statement "There is no singular ‘best practice' approach to knowledge management and each organisation must decide its strategy in the context of its business environment". (HINT: begin by describing two or more business environments and how knowledge management strategies might be different in each).

3.Describe one or more examples of ICT-led and enabled innovation. (HINT: discuss the interplay between leadership and governance which may have brought about the innovation).

4.various techniques to manage costs andbenefits, such as: (1) Active Benefits Realisation (ABR), (2) The Process approach to Benefits Management, (3) Balanced Scorecard, (4) Val-IT (ISACA) and (5) Benefit Realisation Approach. Compare any two of these and discuss their relative merits and applications.


Reference no: EM131281832

Write a paper about the case study titled ing life

Write a paper about the case study titled ING Life: Compare and contrast among local area and wide area network technologies and architectures.· Compare and co

What is data security and how do disaster recovery planning

What is data Security?The relation between disaster recovery planning and Data Security.How do Disaster recovery planning and data Security affect an organization?What are th

Write a paper that includes a map of the region

Write a paper that includes the following items:a map of the region a PDF article concerning the ICT of that region - you should find several - - you should find several - s

Which agencies do you believe they would work most

The Homeland Security Act of 2002 is divided into 17 titles while bringing together under one umbrella more than 22 federal agencies. Select one such agency and describe the

What is your assessment of the competitive situation

1- What is your assessment of the competitive situation in which B&O finds itself in 2006? 2- B&Os radical design driven approach seems at odds with conventional business wis

Write a short introduction telling mr belgo what is in memo

Write a short introduction (few paragraphs) telling Mr. Belgo what is in the memo.a discussion of the role of the Application software you have purchased with the computer sys

What is the probability of complete failure in the network

When all the links in the network are up, find the probability that there is a path connecting node A to node B.-  What is the probability of complete failure in the network,

Explain the digital crime thoery

Explain the manner in which the theory that you selected in Question 1 relates to crime in general.Determine one (1) additional theory that a researcher could use to explain


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