Describe management role within a work environment

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In your final Signature Assignment, research several organizations that have been designated as Best Places to Work, Coolest Places to Work, Best and Brightest Organizations, etc. As you review these organizations, describe why you believe two of these organizations have been successfully designated by their employees as good places to work.

Use your research to describe the positive attributes of the work environment that the surveyed employees described.

Describe management's role within a work environment and how employees play a part.

Describe your current or past organization (or another selected organization) and how the organization's actions, policies, and practices compare to your two researched organizations.

Provide a summary of your suggestions to your organization's management to improve employee value proposition, attitudes, and behaviors.

Create a summary of your findings from this semester, what you learned, and the impact it will have on you moving forward.

Required Length: 12-15 pages, not including title and reference pages.

Reference no: EM131056084

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