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In the unit studies, you read the case of "Lenovo: Moving Full-Speed Ahead." For this assignment, you will review this case and analyze Lenovo's efforts to ensure an effective and efficient supply chain. Complete the following:

Review "Lenovo: Moving Full-Speed Ahead", Strategic Supply Chain Management.

Respond to the following topics and questions:

What were the drivers for Lenovo to build, in 2012, a manufacturing facility in Whitsett, North Carolina instead of in low-cost regions such as Asia or Mexico?

How did Lenovo transform from a local supply chain company to a well-known and integrated global supply chain organization?

What metrics had Lenovo used to evaluate its end-to-end supply chain performance?

What were Lenovo's dual operating models and how well did these two models work for its global supply chain?

Reference no: EM13792718

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