Describe its international multimodal capabilities

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1) Using the internet, look up one freight forwarder and briefly describe its freight forwarding capabilities (do not use the same firm you examined in the previous module).

2) Select a major trucking firm or railroad and describe its international multimodal capabilities.

3) Looking to the future, oil is likely to become an even more important resource than it has been in the past. Select one of the world's larger existing or planned oil pipelines and briefly describe its location, ownership, length, cost, status, and relative importance over the next decade.

Reference no: EM13855450

Identify environmental and industry influences

Use the PEST and Porter 5-Forces Model to identify environmental and industry influences that should be a concern or present an opportunity to Ford Motor Company. Provide a ra

Determine what the rational choice-accounting profit

You are trying to decide what to do after college. You can go to business school, which would cost $55,000 in tuition for two years, and you will make $100,000 per year afterw

Sears craftsman tools-carnival cruise lines

Select two of these brands and for each: (a) indicate which one differentiation source you believe is most important to them currently and (b) indicate which other differentia

Unfamiliar with many marketing research issues

Assume you are a new hire at company and your boss is unfamiliar with many marketing research issues. You are asked to provide some guidance for firm decisions. Be concise and

Literature search of a recent article

On the Web, conduct a literature search of a recent article related to any of the chapters in the textbook. The article may be obtained from any source. Several databases are

Potential sources of differential competitive advantage

Review the list of potential sources of differential competitive advantage (differentiation) highlighted in this week's material. Consider each of these brands. What are the s

Maintain the meeting of organizational goals

Suggest at least two elements/ systems/ methods an organization can use as guides for financial controls (including elements like employee compensation, incentives, and commun

Balancing the interests of shareholders and stakeholders

Find a stock owned organization whose web site mentions corporate governance (search “corporate governance at”). How does the organization appear to ensure that the organizati


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