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1. Marketing Communications

Describe Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). Why is it so important in the 21st century for marketers to embrace this? What are some of the concerns of the marketer when it comes to creating an IMC approach via the promotional mix components of advertising, public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing, and personal selling?

2 Advertising Effectiveness

Select an advertisement to which you have recently been exposed. It can be in any paid communications medium, such as TV, radio, newspaper, or magazine. The ad that you select should be one to which others in the class can easily relate, such as Verizon's "Can you hear me now?"

Evaluate the ad from a consumer perspective. Why do you feel the ad was created in the first place? What is the MESSAGE that the ad is attempting to communicate? What do you see as this ad's major strengths or weaknesses? Do you think the ad was a success?

Reference no: EM131157540

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