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Start each section with a header and new paragraph. Give space for name on each page.this is the link for the movie

. . . you got two selves, one that you know about and the other that you don't know about, because it's subconscious. It shook me up."-James M. Cain, The Postman

Always Rings Twice (1934), page 105.

Within the space of two double-spaced, typed, and numbered pages (maximum length using 12-point font and one-inch margins), compose a brief Position Paper on the topic of "Noir Psychoanalysis" using the following protocol to structure your ideas:

1) Carefully select, then in your own words, describe in detail a scene involving some conflict among characters from EITHER Fritz Lang's The Woman in the Window OR James M. Cain's The Postman Always Rings Twice that might suggestively lend itself to a "psychoanalytic reading" of the characters involved (first paragraph).

2) Next, explain clearly how two or three principles of the psychoanalytic theory (from L. Mulvey or S. Freud) we have been discussing in class might help to explain or illuminate the various elements in conflict that you have elected to describe in the above scene (second and possibly third paragraph).

3) Finally, offer a closing speculation or rumination about how you feel the conflict becomes resolved (if at all) in your chosen scene recurring, once again, to some basic psychoanalytic theory to round out your analysis (final paragraph).

Before handing in your paper for grading in one week, please check to make sure that you have (a) followed the above order in structuring your materials; (b) consulted the style "Checklist" (attached below) to guide your writing throughout; and (c) proofread the exercise a number of times before passing it in at the beginning of the class on October 2, 2015. (Please include your full name and Group Number on all pages of your typescript)

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Reference no: EM13843247

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