Describe implications to retailer and broader supply chain

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A scenario that you have encountered recently as a consumer where a business has either under forecast or over forecast demand for a product that you were planning to purchase. You will generally notice under forecasting if the product is out of stock or over forecasting if there is excess inventory for the item. describe the implications to the retailer, manufacturer, and broader supply chain.

Reference no: EM132234973

Communication briefly discuss effective strategies

Communication Briefly discuss effective strategies you used to improve your communication with teams in this class. Briefly discuss what you might do differently. Explain your

What would be the annual inventory holding cost

Joe Henry's machine shop uses 2480 brackets during the course of a year. these brackets are purchased from a supplier 90 miles away. The following information is known about

Marketing program for a new product line

Mary Adams is helping her company develop a marketing program for a new product line. The program is designed to appeal most to less materialistic consumer groups who are like

Explain the differences between cobra and hipaa

What were the two most significant achievements of Dwight Eisenhower in terms of healthcare reform? What changes did Eisenhower implement that are still in effect today? There

Have the marketing strategies changed over time

Compare Super Bowl ads off of YouTube over the last few years. Discuss what types of marketing strategies were used. Have the marketing strategies changed over time? If so, wh

Substantive differences in the organizational structure

Research the organizational structure of a fortune 500 company. Present your findings to the class, and be prepared to discuss the reasons why you believe the firm pursues thi

Interpersonal methods-team methods and organizational method

From your own experience, describe a team, department, or organization that needed to change. Which of the change approaches presented in the text (pp. 530-536) were used? Was

Construction firm was the low price bidder on plan

Your construction firm was the low price bidder on a plan to build three new runways at an airport. After winning the contract, you assured the airport commissioner that your


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