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One of the important personality factors is self-esteem. Everyone values themselves in one way or another and makes positive or negative conclusions based on their own feelings of self-esteem.

These conclusions affect a person's further decisions and behaviour, including aspirations for promotion. At the same time, not all societies accept open expressions of self-esteem.

Consider what would happen if you said to your colleagues: 'I am probably the best cloud computing specialist in this company'.

To complete this Assignment: Presume for now that the statement is correct and that you are the best cloud computing specialist in the company.

Submit a paper in which you discuss the following: Describe how you think your colleagues would likely react if you made such a statement and why you think they would react in that way.

Support your description by accounting for the common cultural expectations in your company and cultural expectations common for people in your country.

If you think your co-workers' reaction would be different than what would be predicted by the common cultural expectations in your company and/or country, be sure to justify this with additional information and context.

For all Assignments (unless stated otherwise): Your document should have 750-1,000 words (not including the list of works cited), but it is the quality of the answer that matters, not the number of words.

Cite and reference all sources use the Harvard Liverpool Referencing System. By Wednesday, upload your document using the Turnitin submission link for this Assignment.

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Reference no: EM13660792

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