Describe how the source relates to your overall research

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Title : The Gender Pay Gap

For Assignment Two you will construct an annotated bibliography that provides a summary of your research articles.

Include a minimum of 10 related sources (at least 5 should be from scholarly journals or books). All must be resources everyone has access to - for free - by internet.

An annotated bibliography will aid in evaluating the relevance and quality of your selected sources. It contains an APA-formatted citation and a description of the article. Articles can be found in the APUS online library and other online sources.

For each source, include:

1) APA-formatted full reference for the source

2) A 175 - 200 word paragraph that provides a description and evaluation of your source

• Include a brief description of the source

• Provide a comparison and contrast with other sources in your annotated bibliography

• Describe how the source relates to your overall research

• Describe the author's main research findings

• Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the source

Attachment:- the_gender_pay_gap.outline..rar

Reference no: EM131436407

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