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Question 1: Write a technical description of the functions which are available on a workstation for new students who may be unfamiliar with using computers.

  • TOPICS: computer and desk
  • Input devices: keyboard mouse
  • Output devices:moniters,printers
  • Software-word processor,spread sheet, other software
  • Enrolment and acess to use machines.
  • Descriptin should include:
  • Facts
  • Knowledge of audience
  • What inf they need
  • Section,topic, paragraph.
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion.

Question 2: You have been asked to prepare an article to be published in a brochure for MIT entitled "How to develop a successful work group". Write an outline for such an article. Include, in point form, each major idea that you intend to write about in the article. Your outline should fit on one page.

Diversity diversity, back grounds, skills, goals, represents all stake holders, increases likely acceptance, of the system, exposes team member to a range of ideas and views.

Good communications team members must communicate clearly and completely with each other.

Putting the team first members, own views and goals, should be secondary to the goals and the views of the group, commitment to the team.

Trust requires mutual respect, improves effectiveness of communication.

Question 3: Describe how the greater "reach" of telecommunication networks today affects the security of resources which an organisation provides for its employees and customers.

Question 4: Describe how the modern view of Customer Service has extended beyond the traditional view that customer expectations can be wholly satisfied by improving the quality of your products or lowering their prices.

Question 5: Describe four major characteristics which distinguish professionals from ordinary business people, and illustrate each one by using the example of a typical member of a particular profession.

Question 6: Why is it considered important to know your customers? Identify two things that can be done to find out more about such people.

Question 7: Administrators of ICT in business today need to strike a balance between ease of use and system security.

Required: Discuss how a computer resource administrator might ensure system security and, at the same time, not make the system harder for the users to operate. Use your experience of formulating policies for a computer laboratory to illustrate your answer.

Question 8: The guiding principle of User-Centered Design is that the human user should be the central focus in designing the elements of computer systems they must interact with. Explain how this principle was applied in your project to design a lab for International Students at a student hostel.

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