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Consider a company that has a facility located in your local area. This could be a big-box store, an automobile manufacturer, a financial services group, or any other company of interest. Why do you suppose the company chose that location? Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of that location, and be sure to describe how the location affects other facets of the company, its trading partners (i.e., the supply chain), and the local/regional area.

Reference no: EM131033645

Define the excess and deficiency

Choose 3 virtues (also define the excess and deficiency). Explore each one (through the internet, talks with wise people, your own contemplation). Keep a journal and give exam

Explore the labor project for working families

Explore the Labor Project for Working Families. Why might labor negotiators need particular help in the area of work-family issues? In what concrete ways is this a useful site

Through initial public offering and subsequent acquisition

In 2008, after working at two banks for about eight years, Noah Lott helped found NAL Capital Corporation, a venture capital firm that invested in the media, communications, a

What is the stocks required rate of return

GD inc has preferred stock outstanding that pays a dividend of $5 at the end of each year. The preferred sells for $50 a share. What is the stocks required rate of return? S

Identify business opportunity

Business Concept Brief You will be given the chance to explore your own entrepreneurial idea during this assignment. Identify a business opportunity, which you would like to p

Develop an aggregate plan using a spreadsheet

Beginning inventory in May is 403 complete (a complete two-piece includes both top and bottom) bathing suits. Bathing suits cost $40 to produce and carrying cost is 24 perce

Define decision variables-objective function and constraints

Rienzi Farms grows sugar cane and soybeans on its 500 acres of land. An acre of soybeans brings a $1000 contribution to profit; an acre of sugar cane has a contribution of $20

Summary of case study of job design

You have just returned from a workshop on job design. Many of the ideas concerning this subject were of great interest to you. Studies have shown that the average worker utili


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