Describe how the location affects other facets of company

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Consider a company that has a facility located in your local area. This could be a big-box store, an automobile manufacturer, a financial services group, or any other company of interest. Why do you suppose the company chose that location? Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of that location, and be sure to describe how the location affects other facets of the company, its trading partners (i.e., the supply chain), and the local/regional area.

Reference no: EM131033645

Write a brief report that outlines the reasons

Write a brief report that outlines the reasons (both internal and external) for Burgmaster demise, and whether operations management played a significant role in the demise.

Injuries resulting from slipping on the peanuts

Label each Part of analysis, as Part I A., Part I B., Part II A, Part II B. Analyses should be comprehensive, fully supported/justified/explained, specific, and detailed in ra

Centralized versus decentralized

The purpose of the Discussion Board is to allow students to learn through sharing ideas and experiences as they relate to course content and the DB question. Because it is n

Describe training method

Suppose you are the manager of an accounts receivable unit in a large company. You are switching to a new system of billing and record-keeping and need to train your three sup

Corporate leadership and effects on effective strategy

Consider the circumstances leading to Best Buy’s most recent change in leadership. Discuss the relationship between corporate leadership and its effects on effective strategy

Other sexual harassment policies might contain

Outline a brief personnel policy that an organization could adopt to protect itself from sexual harassment lawsuits. What should the policy include? Is there anything the poli

Develop social media engagement strategy

You are the social media marketing manager for a medium sized firm that sells consumer products. How would you develop a social media engagement strategy and a social media ca

Logical underpinnings of the law are insofar

Religion, on the other hand, is the only class that at least on principle could be changed at the option of the individual. What do you think the logical underpinnings of th


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