Describe how the emerging concept of the triple bottom line
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Overview: You will submit a sustaining operations case study analysis that will discuss the emerging concepts of sustainability in business management, specifically the topics of corporate responsibility and environmental compliance. This case study analysis will be incorporated into the final summative analysis.

This milestone is due in Module Five.

Prompt: Refer to the Nissan case study and the course materials to answer the following items. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Theories and Techniques

A. Summarize the following theories: just in time (JIT), Toyota Production System (TPS), and Lean. How are these concepts related? Describe the
advantages and disadvantages for using each of these concepts at the company presented in the case study.

II. Sustainability

A. Describe how the emerging concept of the triple bottom line can be used to enhance operations management at the company. Be sure to
address each component of the triple bottom line.

B. Explain how the company integrates ISO 14000 standards in its manufacturing plants. Support your explanation with citations from your textbook or outside sources.

C. Describe ways by which the company can integrate corporate responsibility principles into their operations. Which of these do you believe to be the most effective? Why? Support your opinions with citations from your textbook or outside sources.

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