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1 Discussion Topic: Planning an IT Project

Use this Discussion to practice for the unit Assignment. In your Assignment this week you are planning for an EHR project at a hospital. In this Discussion, post what you think would be the best first three steps in the project planning. Discuss how these steps will help you to meet the IT Planning Objectives described in your text. Comment at least 2 classmates' steps and give them any suggestions for improvement that you might think of. Brainstorm with your classmates on the best first three steps for the project. Support your ideas with information from scholarly resources.

2. Discussion Topic: Request for Proposals

Use this Discussion to practice for the unit Assignment. Part of your Assignment this week is to create a Request for Proposal (RFP) for EHR vendors. After research on writing RFPs, use this Discussion board to post your suggested outline or headings for your RFP template. Come to some conclusions with your classmates about what the best template might be for an RFP for EHR vendors. Begin your initial post with information on the purpose of RFPs. Be sure to use resources to support your ideas.

3. Discussion Topic: Factors Contributing to Effective IT Use

Use this Discussion to practice for the unit Assignment. In your textbook reading this week you reviewed four studies that examined organizations that have had great success in the use of IT. Choose one of the studies, summarize it, and then discuss how the findings can help you with your EHR project. This week your textbook can be your only resource. Relate your chosen study to your Unit 2 Project Plan and Unit 3 RFP and how you will need to be an effective leader to manage your EHR project and guide the organization through the change in technology

4. Discusion Topic: Improve Quality of Care and Patient Safety

This activity will help you practice for this week's Assignment. For your Assignment this week you will create a presentation to advocate and promote the use of IT to improve quality of care and patient safety. After some research, list and describe three of the topics that you plan to include in your presentation. How will you use these to convince others that IT is necessary to move toward quality improvement? Comment on your classmates' ideas giving them input and additional ideas to build on their initial thoughts.

5. Discusion Topic: Meaningful Use

This activity will help you practice for this week's Assignment. Begin research on Meaningful Use and how healthcare facilities will need to comply with this regulation. Write a goal for a Meaningful Use compliance training program and post it for peer review with your classmates. Also, choose one topic with subtopics that you will include in your outline for your Assignment this week, and post that for discussion as well. Comment on your peers goals and outlines in a way that will help them improve and strengthen this component of their Unit 6 Assignment.

6.Topic: Disease Monitoring and Surveillance

Give one example of how IT assists with disease monitoring and surveillance. Explain if your example is passive or active surveillance and explain why. Describe how the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is involved and why you may be in contact with them as a health IT manager.

7. Discussion Topic: EHR Committee Meeting

To practice for this unit's Assignment, create either a brief agenda or minutes for a mock EHR Committee meeting and post it as an attachment to this Discussion. You can be creative in the topics discussed in the meeting. In your post, describe the purpose of your meeting and whether you have attached an agenda or meeting minutes. After review of your classmates work, give them any suggestions for improvement based on your experience and your research of proper agenda and meeting minute format. (The material in your work for this Discussion is not important, as your practice is more about the format and organization of the agenda or meeting minutes).

8. Discussion Topic: Performance Management Plan

Practice for your Assignment by listing three components that you will include in your performance management plan for medical coders. Explain the components and how you will implement these. Share information that you have found regarding medical coding productivity.

9. Discussion Topic: IT Strategy

Summarize in one paragraph the importance of IT strategy in healthcare organizations.

Reference no: EM131168477

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