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1. Select an existing business of your choice or propose an idea for your own venture. Provide background information about the business and explain what kind of data the business needs to collect and analyse, to generate useful information so the business can operate more efficiently and economically. Explain how the business would benefit from information created and knowledge kept in their information system. Refer to knowledge as a valuable asset of the business.

2. Sufficiently describe knowledge requirements of the business and select an information system that would be the most suitable for the business (or describe in sufficient details information system the existing business is currently using). Outline knowledge management system requirements and the ways you would go about designing, developing, and implementing the system in your business (or describe in sufficient details implemented knowledge management system of the existing business).

3. Apply knowledge gained in the class and describe factors that will contribute to building an effective business system capacity and capability for the business. Outline system capacity and capability requirements and future update requirements (hardware and software), or sufficiently describe capacity and capability of an implemented system of an existing business.

4. Select appropriate tools and instruments for collecting and analysing data, software system, and application software you would use in your business (or explain in sufficient details tools and instruments the existing business is using for collecting and analysing data, software and application used). Outline hardware and software system requirements, update requirements and ease, troubleshooting, and the ways you would go about securing your system (or security system of the existing business).

  • overall presentation of the report (e.g. formatting, cover page, table of context, etc.)
  • structure of the report (e.g. headings used, flow of information, etc.)
  • quality of the report (e.g. language used, arguments presented and discussed, etc.)
  • conclusion of the report (e.g. summary of the presented information, conclusion, recommendations made, etc.)
  • referencing (use of external information sources, quality, validity, relevance of information, consistency of a reference style, etc.)

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Reference no: EM13672238

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