Describe how social marketing can be used with health care

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Part 1:


• What are the three health care options of TRICARE?

• What is the role of a TRICARE PCM (primary care manager)?

Workers Comp:

Review the definition of managed care in Chapter 3 and also read page 537 before responding to the following:

• List at least 3 benefits from incorporating managed care into workers' compensation programs.

• Can you think of any disadvantages of having managed care incorporated into workers' compensation programs?

Part 2:

• Describe how social marketing can be used with health care CQI.

• Discuss the difference between the professional model for health care services and the transformational model.

Part 3:

Water and Waste

Water is an abundant resource on the planet. Although 70% of the Earth's surface is covered by water, less than 1% is potable-fresh water that people can drink and water crops with. The rest is unusable with about 97% of it in the oceans, which are too salty for these purposes.

The average American uses about 100 gallons of water per day, depending on how you calculate water usage. The majority of that water usage takes place in the bathroom to flush toilets and to take showers and baths. In the United States you can just turn the faucet on when you need water, but others in many parts of the world are not so fortunate. Have you ever thought about where all of that water comes from or where it goes after it leaves your house? How do communities ensure that the water supply is safe? How do you ensure that the water you send down the drain does not harm the environment?

Reference no: EM13795093

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