Describe how m-commerce can expand the reach of e-commerce

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First describe how m-commerce can expand the reach of e-commerce. Then, imagine you work for a fashion retailer and are in charge of a new mobile advertising campaign designed to generate sales for a new clothing line. Explain how you would use m-commerce concepts and elements of e-commerce to meet your objective. The post should be a minimum of 200 words. Respond to two other learners.

Reference no: EM13841708

What is leadership style

What is Leadership Style? What type do you have and does it need changing? Can we change? When we read or talk about leadership style, it is the pattern of behavior used by

What is the probability that the line is idle

Bank Boston has a branch at Bryant College. The branch is busiest at the beginning of the college year when freshmen and transfer students open accounts. This year, freshmen a

Cruise company provisioning a certain consumable items

A cruise company provisioning a certain consumable items its next trip. In the first stage, the cruise company procures from the home port region right before the start of the

Tough time at work and his performance is slipping

Timothy is having a tough time at work and his performance is slipping. Not only is his family having issues taking care of his father, but he has started to notice that alcoh

Make an effective labor relations specialist

Many HR Specialists who work in organizations that have union representation have to also serve as Labor Relations Specialists. Pretend you are a CEO for a company that has mu

Human resources functions

Which of the human resources functions (ie. Recruiting, Training and Development, Performance Management, etc.) are affected by an organization's strategic plan? Demonstrate b

Statement mistake are opportunities golden once

Explain this statement "mistake are opportunities golden once " What are the challenges of conducting virtual training and how can a virtual manager make it successful? What i

Women are interested in management positions at the company

Wal-Mart officials have stated that they don’t feel women are interested in management positions at the company. Do you agree or disagree? Wal-Mart is continually criticized f


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