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1. Describe four changes to the traditional 7-Eleven supply chain that the move to fresh foods will require. In addition, discuss four advantages that 7-Eleven can gain by outsourcing all or most of the fresh food supply chain responsibilities.

2. Use a basic flow diagram to create a simple supply chain model for delivering fresh sandwiches with eight distinct boxes. You may use the software of your choice to create the diagram; however, it must be readable when copied and pasted or imbedded into your MS Word document.

3. Recommend either a push-based strategy or pull-based strategy for ordering fresh foods and justify your recommendation.

4. Discuss three advantages and three disadvantages of using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology in the proposed supply chain.

5. Describe four businesses that have successfully implemented the retail of fresh foods that would be suitable for 7-Eleven to benchmark.

6. Discuss four important pieces of information that must be gathered and transmitted using 7-Eleven's IT networks to support the fresh food supply chain.

7. Describe how the practice of tanpin kanri (item by item management) may be transferred from 7-Eleven Japan to the United States operation.

Write a report in 2000 words count answeirng all questions above.

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Reference no: EM13726787

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