Describe five potential challenges to starting new business

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You are planning to begin a new business providing legal consulting services to the technology industry. Name and describe five potential challenges to starting this new business.

Reference no: EM13227152

In contrast to typical corporate environment

In contrast to a typical corporate environment, hospitals do not directly employ most physicians, who are key decision makers and decide resource allocation and utilization. I

With special emphasis on the quality problems involved

Walk through a supermarket and identify some products for which work has been transferred from the household kitchen to food-processing factories. In addition, identify some p

What project management tools

Defining Work Jason is the project manager for a manufacturing company. After several weeks of planning sessions, a team member informs him that a part of the production work

Define circumstance and what biological hazards were present

Share with the class an incident that involved biological hazards. This could be an incident that occurred at home or at work. Describe the circumstances and what biological

Using strategic management models develop a strategy

Drake Enterprise LTD: Drake enterprise Ltd. is a manufacturing company in Washington DC, seventy five percent (75 %) of its raw material is imported from companies in china. U

Why is the npv of a relatively long- term project

why is the NPV of a relatively long- term project ( one in which its cash flow occurs in a distant future) more sensitive to changes in the WAAC than that of short term proj

Receive the greatest benefit from direct community services

Who is likely to receive the greatest benefit from direct community services? All of the following are considered as alternative helping roles EXCEPT. The outreach approach in

Damaged in sprinkler accident-not available for production

Suppose the quality manager told you the 120 Cones on hand were damaged in a sprinkler accident and not available for production. What actions should you take? The purchasing


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